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Since 2003, The Opportunity Network has leveled the playing field for talented yet underserved New York City high school students by creating access for them to competitive colleges, career opportunities and professional networks.




The Opportunity Network’s Career Fluency® curriculum is designed to help high school and college students bridge a pervasive gap between academic learning in the classroom and success in college and careers. Career Fluency® means having the information, skills, guidance and experience to achieve career success.

Along with college success, career exposure and professional etiquette, Career Fluency® differs from other college and career development curricula in its emphasis on personal and professional networks and the importance of social capital in navigating college and the professional world.

Our best-in-class Career Fluency ® curriculum is centered on four core pillars of success:


Our OppNet Fellows program, the organization’s founding program, serves students from the summer after 10th grade through to college graduation, for a total of six years. Throughout the program, Fellows receive classes centered on networking for college and professional success, workplace etiquette, internship preparedness, interview skills and career savvy; intensive college application guidance, including overnight college trips, group workshops, SAT tutoring and extensive one-on-one counseling; and five summers of paid internships or enrollment in enrichment or travel programs, leaving our program with robust resumes and lifelong networks of support.

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As a result of the six-year Fellows program:

  •  98% of students are accepted to competitive colleges with substantial financial aid need met

  • 53% end up matriculating at top colleges they had not heard of before OppNet

  • 100% graduate from college in six years; 85% in four

  •  85% secure career-track employment or graduate school admission within six months of graduation

For more information, visit  opportunitynetwork.org